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Monday, February 15, 2010



Buck: Male Goat

Sire : Pejantan

Dam : Induk Betina

Doe: Female Goat

Doeling: Young female goat

Buckling: Young male goat

Kid: Newborn Goats

Male offspring : Anak Jantan

Female offspring : Anak Betina

Wether: Castrated male goat

Capretto: Meat that comes from kids

Chevon: Meat that comes from adult goats

Colostrum: The first milk that any animal (including humans)
produce after they give birth. This milk helps to pass along the
mother’s immunity to disease to her offspring.

Polled: Breeds of goats naturally born without horns.

Ruminant: a hoofed animal that digests its food in two steps: first by eating the raw material and regurgitating a semi-digested form known as cud, then chewing the cud (a process called ruminating). Ruminants have four stomachs and include cows, goats, sheep, llamas, bison, buffalo, elk and deer.

Debudding: Removing the horns just as they are starting to grow. Most dairy goat farmers remove the horns at an early age for the sake of safety for both people and other animals.

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